Mein persönliches 10 Jahresziel

It’s time for a big announcement. Drum roll please…

I will earn a net worth of 10 million Euros in 10 years.

You think that I am crazy? Maybe.

But finally I am courageous enough to share my 10 year goal with you. It took me quite a while until I could define the destination of this journey.

Every since April I have been writing a daily post and to be honest I wasn’t always quite sure myself what I have been doing exactly.

However, now my goal is clear: 10 million in 10 years.

How I will get there? I have no clue. Really believe me.

Why I set that goal? I want to show the world that you can make money without being a bad ass. On the contrary I want to stick to my principles and remain a good person.

And even if I don’t reach my 10 million goal I don’t see myself as a failure. For me it’s all about the journey and not the money (Money is just easy to measure).

I want to document my journey, my experiences and learnings, my achievements and failures, my ups and downs.

I will share my knowledge and information for free and I promise I will never try to sell you an ebook, online-course or anything alike. Never!

I just want to document my journey and share it with you to make my goal even more binding for me. I appreciate every follower who joins me on my way.

I am super excited. I am super pumped. Stay tuned!