Kreativprozess, Geschäftsstrategie & Motivation | Klaus Mühlbauer im Gespräch | #InterviewSerie

I have announced already that part of my strategy to reach 10:10 (10m€ in 10yrs) is to engage into discussions more often. The reasons behind:

In discussions you get to know new perspectives.
In discussions you can exchange experiences.
In discussion you can develop yourself.
In discussions you can learn.

Today, I am really excited to announce that my first interview with Klaus Mühlbauer – the owner of the Mühlbauer Hutmanufaktur is online. Mühlbauer hats are internationally renowned and stars like Brad Pitt and Madonna wear them. And you know what, they even paid for their hat.

In the interview we cover a wide range of topics starting with business succession, strategy, but also personal topics like motivation and personal challenges. The result is a versatile and deep conversation that will also make you smile.

The interview is available on my YouTube channel as well as via podcast.

Enjoy the discussion! Feedback is highly appreciated 😉